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Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

for English-Speaking People of Caribbean Origin

Kwame McKenzie, Akwatu Khenti, Carolina Vidal, Charmaine C. Williams, Justine Joseph, Sirad Mohamoud, Kaha Ahmed...


The staff of CAMH and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) have also provided consistent support from beginning to end. Of course, the funding from CIC made this whole adventure possible. We extend our sincere gratitude to our partner.

There could not be a more opportune time to complete this project. In Ontario, the Spanish‐speaking Latin American and English and French‐speaking Caribbean populations are growing faster than the overall population. Their mental health needs are also growing rapidly through no fault of their own. The stressors they face are enormous. Recent studies reveal that newcomers arriving since the 1990s are facing greater socio‐economic hurdles than previous groups of migrants in spite of higher education and skill levels.

Seeking and securing services and support remains a challenge for many people because of a host of barriers such as limited access, stigma, language and unemployment. Ethnoracial and cultural groups face additional challenges including racism and culturally‐rooted stigma. The mental health resources that have specifically been designed to meet these populations’ needs also remain scant. Thus, many individuals who could benefit from care that is culturally adapted to serve their specific needs never receive these services.

This manual represents one small yet significant effort in the right direction. It features such practices as proactive outreach, cultural safety and timely and relevant cultural modifications to cognitive‐ behavioural therapy (CBT). The approach calls on health professionals familiar with CBT to go the extra mile for these populations. We recognize that while all individuals from such groups will not require culturally‐adapted interventions, many will be better served with such a resource.

A final note, be sure to enjoy your inward journey with the manual. As with traditional CBT, we aim to build your knowledge, skills and self‐awareness.

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