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Nia: The Fifth Principle of Kwanzaa

Nia, which means ‘purpose’, is about both our reason for being and our goals for moving forward. It is about setting goals that will help uplift all Black people. The goal we have to set for ourselves during Kwanzaa 2020 is to protect our communities, and live in our purpose.

While Ujamaa was about dollars and buying Black, Nia is about our purpose on Earth. We exist to love and take care of each other, to pass down history, and to build our communities. It asks us to look forward to the kind of future we want to create, while being mindful of the history we’re coming from. We must also always be sensitive and care for those less fortunate than ourselves...there’s always people more needy.

What better story can we tell, than the one about our triumph over 2020. The execution of our brother George Floyd took us to bottomless lows. One of the ways we can come out strong against 2020, and the pandemic, is by following guidelines set by health officials. Wear a mask when leaving the home, sanitize your hands often, and avoid large gatherings in order to stop the spread of COVID 19. We can all live through these trying, historic times, by playing our part in stopping the virus. Walk good people, walk good please.


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