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Our Services

The Community of Anti-Racism Practice is offering evidence based approaches for reducing racial and mental health stigma and strengthening cultural safety in professional settings.

We work collaboratively with clients to develop and implement:
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion policy review and updating

  • Anti-racism training and capacity building

  • Research and program evaluation to assess disparities and develop disparity reduction plans, race related trends and mitigation strategies

Areas of Expertise
  • Anti-Black racism and Black mental health

  • Stereotyping, stigmatization and stigma reduction strategies

  • Human rights and equity leadership training

  • Social determinants of health and racialized violence

  • Global mental health and primary health care capacity building

  • Transformational leadership training

  • Equity, diversity and inclusion system change

Interested in our services?

Send us an appointment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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