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 Human Rights Educator and Afrocentric Historian

Akwatu Khenti

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Dying whilst Black: Lessons from the 2020 Covid 19 Experience

The Community of Anti-Racism Practice

Providing high level expertise and extensive experiences in change management, anti-racism and anti-oppression strategies, witnessing responsibilities and considerations, alternative approaches for creating safe spaces for Black, Indigenous and Racialized as well as non-stigmatized Canadians.

A source of reliable and brief questions you can ask your team to assess the scope of institutional challenges complemented with an equity framework with which to analyze trends and patterns.

A range of de-stigmatizing services – including:

Helping to foster collaborative appreciation of the various expressions of anti-Black racism and evidence-based best practice approaches to address emerging trends, reduce disparities and mitigate individual and team harms    

Supportive Friend

Supporting clients to build anti-racism competency and capacity.

Powerful anti-Black Racism Insights

Support Group Meeting
Goffman, 1963

Evidence shows that effective stigma reduction approaches must be comprehensive, multifaceted, and able to address various levels of stigma within  a setting.

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